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Photovoltaic report by ENVARIS

We find damage, faults and defects on your system


Defects and damage reports

Whether defect or damage, we will find the error


Yield reports for PV systems

We check yields of existing and new PV plants

You may be experiencing feed-in loss due to reduced yield or damage to your PV system caused by voltage overload, lightening, hail or storms. In order to identify the problem, damage or other defects, we recommend an independent expert assessment of the system.

The assessment report provided by ENVARIS will identify obvious as well as hidden defects of the photovoltaic system. These will be stated and explained clearly and will form the basis for complaints, improvements or repairs as necessary.

As well as providing a thorough assessment of the solar system, the ENVARIS assessment report also has optional extras such as IV curve characteristic measurement, thermographic recording and electroluminescent recordings. This information will be provided in a detailed and clear format ensuring that the ENVARIS assessment report provides a professional basis for any future work.


Assessment Reports by Specialists Experts

ENVARIS staff offer expert knowledge gained through many years of experience in in the field of photovoltaics. In addition to our employees who are qualified as a “consultant for photovoltaic (TÜV or DIN) with certified qualification”, we can organise reports by publicly appointed evaluators through the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce which are accepted by the courts.

ENVARIS will select an expert with project specific knowledge who will use the latest technology, such as IV curve characteristic measurement, thermography or electroluminescence to identify the cause of the problem.


Germany-Wide Service Partner Network

ENVARIS is a country-wide specialist for damage claim management of photovoltaic systems. Due to our extensive network of service partners across Germany, we are able to respond to your enquiry in a quick and flexible manner. As well as providing expert assessments, system checks and yield forecasts for PV systems, we also support customers with warranty and guarantee claims, the planning of repairs, search for replacement parts and implementing repair work.


We offer the following expert assessment reports:

  • Yield report
  • Assessment of assembly defects
  • Damage assessment report
  • Expert assessment reports for courts
  • Glint and glare report
  • Ground inspection