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Yield reports for photovoltaic systems

We check yields from existing and new PV plants

As part of the assessment of your photovoltaic system, ENVARIS offers energy yield assessments for small and large PV systems. Expected yields of photovoltaic systems will be calculated based on many years of experience in the evaluation and simulation of PV systems.

Whether you are requesting an assessment of a solar plant which is yet to be built, or yield measurements of an existing PV system, we offer a quick and inexpensive earnings forecast or the classic yield report, which is usually required by banks and insurance companies, amongst others.


Earnings Forecast For PV Systems

Are you looking to build a new photovoltaic system, either on a rooftop or in an open space, and would like to find out more about the possible returns?

Are you concerned about the yield of your current photovoltaic system due to possible damage caused by installation defects or adverse conditions such as storms, lightning, voltage overload or hail?

We offer a quick and inexpensive assessment of the possible yield of your PV system.


Yield Report For PV Systems

For the financing or insurance of photovoltaic systems, banks and insurance companies often request a yield report by an independent expert. ENVARIS offers photovoltaic yield reports as required in the loan conditions. Our yield reports are created with software such as PV*SOL which is recognised by banks and insurance companies. The system yield, reported in kWh/kWp, as well as the plant-specific performance ratio, will be presented clearly and comprehensibly in the report.


Yield Optimisation Of PV Systems

Faulty components, poor planning, faulty installation. As part of our repowering service, ENVARIS offers professional yield optimisation of your PV system. Following the analysis of the system data and examination of the planning documents, our experts work out possible scenarios for the optimisation of your photovoltaic system.