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Whether defect or damage, we will find the error

Defects and damage reports

Whether you are experiencing problems due to assembly defects, faulty components or damage caused by voltage overload, lightening, hail, storms, fire, water or theft, ENVARIS experts will identify defects on your PV system and provide an independent assessment report.

In order to record defects and damage on your PV system quickly and efficiently, our experts use professional measurement techniques such as IV curve characteristic measurement, harmonic wave measurement, thermographic recording and electroluminescent recordings. This means we can identify even the most difficult issues, such as errors in the electrical planning and design or transformer and inverter defects.


PV-System Defects

Faulty planning, incorrect system design or installation errors are all common problems. Our experts will assess your photovoltaic systems based on official standards and regulations.


PV-System Damage

Photovoltaic modules, inverters and other components of PV systems can break in numerous ways. Damage caused by fire, storm, voltage overload and theft are usually covered by a specific photovoltaic insurance policy. Claims for damage to PV modules (e.g. delamination, hotspots, and glass breakage) or inverters (e.g. power modules, communication interfaces, and fans) which are due to production errors must be directed to the manufacturers or retailer.

The assessment report provided by ENVARIS will identify obvious as well as hidden defects of the photovoltaic system. These will be stated and explained clearly and will form the basis for complaints, improvements or repairs as necessary.


We offer the following Component Assessments for your Photovoltaic System:

  • Photovoltaic modules (crystalline and thin-film)
  • Inverter (string and central inverters)
  • Transformer stations (dry and oil transformers)
  • Transfer stations
  • Substructure
  • Cable


We offer expert assessment reports for:

  • Private report
  • Reports for investors
  • Reports for insurance companies
  • Reports for banks
  • Reports for the courts