Repowering und Refitting EN


We optimize your pv system for a better yield

Repowering and Refitting

There are several reasons why a photovoltaic system might not be achieving the optimum yield.


  • Defective components such as solar modules
  • Incorrect installation of the PV system
  • Incorrect cabling
  • Incorrectly dimensioned inverters


Your solar system is not returning the optimum yield and you would like to optimise it and make it more efficient? ENVARIS is here to support you.



In order to detect errors or optimisation opportunities, we would first of all recommend a PV yield assessment and/or a PV system check of your solar system. This will show the current condition of your system and helps to identify where repowering and refitting can be utilised to optimise your system. .



Following evaluation of the PV system checks, we will work with you to create a plan for rebuilding, upgrading, refitting or repowering of the system. We will ensure your solar system is in an excellent condition for the coming years.


In order to optimise a PV system, it is often sufficient to simply detect and replace defective components. ENVARIS can identify defective PV modules and inverters through a number of testing methods such as characteristic curve measurement, thermography and electroluminescence.



In addition to eradicating deficiencies, errors and damage as part of the ENVARIS optimisation process, upgrading the monitoring system can also optimise the solar system. By continuously monitoring the system performance we can quickly identify failures and avoid unnecessary yield losses.


Upgrading the ripple control receivers, interfaces for direct marketing, lightning and overload protection and marten repellent can also further protect your PV system and make it more efficient.


Are you considering to expand your solar system to include more modules and thus generate more power? Then you have come to the right place. ENVARIS supports you in planning the expansion of your system.